Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Planning for Retirement

My idea of a yacht
Estimated Planning Time: 1 hour
Materials: Results from Creating a Budget, Employee retirement plan materials (if any)
Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Retirement means something different to me than merely staying home from work, watching TV, taking cruises, or playing golf.  All of those things might be fun, but to me the benefit of retirement (or even better, financial independence) is the ability to contribute in whatever way I am called to without concerning myself with the monetary rewards.  Readers of MrMoneyMustache or EarlyRetirementExtreme might find this definition familiar.

Monday, August 27, 2012

And...we're back!

Emerging from the depths
Well after a few months I finally got my friend to help out with my technical issues and now my domain name actually works.  Look for some new posts very shortly, I've been using the time to think and read and it's time for me to work out the ideas in my writing.

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